The idea on neutron beer is to strengthen Czech neutron community. We plan to organize semi-formal seminar from the Neutron world, connected with socializing and networking. The meetup is opened to public (however scientists interested in neutrons are natural attendees). There will be always one general/popular talk about neutron techniques/neutron sources/neutron instruments and then slot for short talks and discussion.

Future dates

Neutron beer is organized roughly every two month with a summer break.
That means the following days are likely – but some might be rescheduled, for example to avoid holidays.

Info for speakers

The talks are in English language by default, further use of Czech language depends on the amount of non-Czech speaking attendees. The main talk is about 20-30 minutes + unlimited discussion. Afterwards are small lightning talks. It's encouraged to come to Neutron Beer and give a lightning talk – a five-minute (strict!) presentation about anything at all – after the “main” talk. Usually, you can have dinner at the meetup (after talks). Not only does this stop hunger, it also supports the restaurant that hosts the meetup.

Meetup History

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